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  • Feminist Research in Rwanda: Challenges and Importance

    Anita Clair Fellman

    Chapter from the book: Randell, S et al. 2021. Gender and Learning in Rwanda.


    The building of a feminist scholarly tradition, never easy, is especially challenging in a traumatised, post-conflict nation like Rwanda with under-resourced young universities. So much about Rwandan women’s lives, past and present, has still to be learned, but pressing needs for economic development and poverty alleviation help determine research topics, as does the government’s distrust of alternative narratives of recent history. Many of the Centre’s students were already responsible for implementing gender policies in both government and NGOs, so it was essential to help them acquire skills of gender analysis and knowledge of feminist scholarship to facilitate coherent policymaking.

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    Fellman, A. 2021. Feminist Research in Rwanda: Challenges and Importance. In: Randell, S et al (eds.), Gender and Learning in Rwanda. Sydney: UTS ePRESS. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5130/aag.c

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    Published on Sept. 28, 2021


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