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  • Thinking and Acting; Towards a Gendered Scholarship

    Hilary Yerbury

    Chapter from the book: Randell, S et al. 2021. Gender and Learning in Rwanda.


    Scholarship is inextricably linked to education and development, yet often, when most needed, it is a resource difficult to come by and often the voices of women scholars are under-represented. This chapter reflects on resources available to support scholarship and how a gendered approach to these resources can foster the development of informed policymakers and female scholars and through this, the growth and development of scholarship itself.

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    Yerbury, H. 2021. Thinking and Acting; Towards a Gendered Scholarship. In: Randell, S et al (eds.), Gender and Learning in Rwanda. Sydney: UTS ePRESS. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5130/aag.d

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    Published on Sept. 28, 2021


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