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    Our partners and providers

    In order to produce, deliver and maintain quality UTS ePRESS publications, we have built relationships around the world. Our key providers and partners include:

    CLOCKSS – an international digital repository for scholarly publications. CLOCKSS is a not-for-profit joint venture between the world’s leading academic publishers and research libraries. As a trusted community-governed archive it ensures the long-term survival of web-based scholarly publications. UTS ePRESS uses CLOCKSS to securely archive all publications, guaranteeing they will remain available to researchers and the wider community.

    COPE – the Committee on Publication Ethics is dedicated to upholding and promoting principled and transparent publishing and providing advice and resources to editors and publishers on all aspects of publication ethics. UTS ePRESS and our journals are members of COPE and follow the COPE codes of conduct and best practice guidelines.

    Crossref – an association of scholarly publishers with a mission to ensure efficient and reliable reference linking throughout online scholarly literature and to develop other services that are best achieved through collaboration. Crossref is committed to long term sustainability through its work as a DOI Registration Agency, and their citation linking service is essential to UTS ePRESS DOI functionality

    DOAJ – the international online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open access, peer-reviewed journals.

    iThenticate – the leading provider of professional plagiarism detection and prevention technology. iThenticate is used worldwide by scholarly publishers and research institutions. iThenticate is part of UTS ePRESS’s commitment to publishing only unique, peer-assessed content and identifying and preventing examples of research misconduct.

    OASPA –The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) works to support the transition to a world in which open access becomes the predominant model of publication for scholarly outputs. It provides an opportunity to work with other publishers to further the interests of researchers in advocating open access throughout the world. All members are required to follow a Code of Conduct.

    Portico – one of the largest community-supported digital archives in the world, Portico provides services that enable preservation of e-journals, e-books, and other electronic scholarly content. With CLOCKSS, Portico provides a secure archive for UTS ePRESS journal publications.

    Public Knowledge Project (PKP) – is a multi-university initiative developing (free) open source software and conducting research to improve the quality and reach of scholarly publishing. PKP is a leading provider of software, services and expertise to run an online publishing system. UTS ePRESS is proud to have been an early adopter of OJS, and to have worked closely with PKP to develop and improve the system.

    SPARC – an international alliance of academic and research libraries working to create a more open system of scholarly communication. SPARC resources and research have informed the development of UTS ePRESS and assisted in ensuring high standards of scholarship and publication ethics.

    Ubiquity Press – Ubiquity Press is an open access publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals, books and data. UP operates a highly cost-efficient model that makes quality open access publishing affordable for everyone. UP also makes its platform available to the Ubiquity Partner Network, providing the infrastructure and services to enable university and society presses to run sustainably and successfully.