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    Advertising and sponsorship

    UTS ePRESS welcomes relationships with advertisers and sponsors aligned to our principles and values.

    While recognising advertising and sponsorship as legitimate sources to fund open access publishing, it is important they do not inappropriately affect editorial independence or the ethics of the publisher, editors, editorial boards, authors or reviewers.

    The following guidelines have been established in compliance with the COPE Codes of Conduct for Journal Publishers and Journal Editors and the SPARC Sponsorships for Nonprofit Scholarly & Scientific Journals: Guide to Defining & Negotiating Successful Sponsorship.

    All enquiries should be directed to the Manager UTS ePRESS


    UTS ePRESS recognises certain paid advertisements as a legitimate source of financial support for our publications.

    UTS ePRESS will allow the appearance of paid advertisements on the following sections of its website: Homepage; journal homepages; individual book or conference pages; table of contents pages for individual journal issues. Advertisements may also be considered in print editions of books.

    Paid advertising will only be accepted under the following conditions:


    Selected sponsors may provide either financial contributions or other non-financial support under the following conditions:

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