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  • Reading the Country

    30 Years On

    Philip Morrissey, Chris Healy (eds.)

    Part of the CSR Book Series series.
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    Steeped in story-telling and endlessly curious, Reading the Country: An Introduction to Nomadology (1984) was the product of Paddy Roe, Stephen Muecke and Krim Benterrak, experimenting with what it might be like to think together about country. In the process a senior traditional owner, a cultural theorist and a painter produced a text unlike any other. Reading the Country: 30 Years On is a celebration of one of the great twentieth-century books of intercultural dialogue. Recalling a spirit of intellectual risk and respect, in this collection, Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, poets, writers and publishers both acknowledge the past and look, with hope, to future transformations of culture and country.


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    Morrissey P. & Healy C. (eds.) 2019. Reading the Country: 30 Years On. Sydney: University of Technology Sydney ePress. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5130/978-0-6481242-8-3
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    Published on May 29, 2019





    EPUB 978-0-6481242-8-3
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